A complete terrace kit for a modern and elegant exterior

Our 20m2 gray beige tiled terrace kit offers you everything you need to create a designer and trendy outdoor space. This pack includes premium quality tiles, adjustable pedestals, shock-absorbing wedges and tile plates. You thus benefit from a harmonious whole which will highlight your garden or your balcony.

Modern slabs with generous dimensions

The tiles in the kit are the ideal size for straight installation: 60×60 cm. This size allows for a clean surface with fewer visible joints, contributing to the modern aesthetic of the product. The gray-beige color also brings a contemporary touch while remaining neutral to match perfectly with the rest of your exterior decoration.

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Easy installation thanks to the slab-on-pedestal system

The use of adjustable pedestals in this kit greatly facilitates the laying of tiling on your terrace. This innovative system has several advantages:

  • Simplicity : simply place the studs on the ground, then the slabs directly on top without needing to use mortar or other adhesive.
  • Speed: installing the slabs on the pedestals is very quick, allowing you to enjoy your new terrace in no time.
  • Adjustable: the pedestals are adjustable in height to adapt to the slope of the ground and guarantee a perfectly flat and stable surface.

A durable installation with shock-absorbing wedges and slab plates

To ensure optimal longevity for your terrace, our kit also includes shock-absorbing wedges which slide between the slabs and the pedestals. Their function is to absorb shocks and vibrations, thus preventing premature wear of the tiles. The slab plates ensure a uniform distribution of the weight of the slabs on the pedestals, reinforcing their stability.

Sizes available to fit all your outdoor spaces

We designed this tile patio kit in different sizes so that it can meet the specific needs of each outdoor space. You can choose from our 10 m2, 20 m2, 30 m2, 40 m2 or 50 m2 kits depending on the surface area you wish to develop. This flexibility allows you to equip a small balcony as well as a large family terrace.

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Savings thanks to the complete pack

One of the biggest cost-saving benefits of purchasing this kit is that everything needed for installation is included. You will not need to purchase pedestals, wedges or slab plates separately, which represents a significant saving. In addition, the slab on pedestal system is known to be less expensive than traditional installation techniques such as concrete screed.

Why choose our 20m2 beige gray tiled terrace kit?

By opting for our 20m2 gray beige tiled terrace kit, you are choosing a product combining practicality, savings and aesthetics:

  • Practicality: Thanks to the slab-on-pedestal system and the accessories included in the pack, installation becomes child’s play.
  • Savings: Buying the complete kit allows you to save money compared to purchasing the elements necessary for laying the tiles separately.
  • Aesthetic : the modern 60×60 cm slabs and their beige gray color bring a contemporary touch to your outdoor space while remaining easily integrated with your other landscaping.

Don’t hesitate any longer and treat yourself now to this turnkey solution to create a friendly and stylish outdoor space!