Why choose a buried concrete rainwater tank?

Rainwater harvesting is an ecological and economical gesture that allows you to preserve natural resources while reducing your water bill. Among the different solutions available on the market, the buried concrete rainwater tank stands out for its robustness, durability and adaptability to domestic needs.

Possible domestic uses with recovered water

Using a buried concrete rainwater tank will allow you to make the most of this precious resource for different domestic uses:

  • WC: The collected water can be used to flush your toilet, thereby significantly reducing your drinking water consumption.
  • Washing machine : using rainwater to run your washing machine is also an interesting option that will allow you to save on your bills while preserving the environment.
  • Watering: whether it is to water your garden or clean your exterior (terraces, facades, etc.), opting for a buried concrete rainwater tank is a wise choice that guarantees you unrivaled autonomy and practicality.
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Technical characteristics of concrete rainwater tanks

Our concrete rainwater tanks are designed to meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, efficiency and durability. They come in several available volumes (from 1,000 to 10,000 liters), in order to best adapt to your needs and space constraints.

All our tanks are pre-equipped with a complete system including:

  • An input/output for connection to gutters and domestic networks,
  • A secure overflow,
  • A filter adapted to retain impurities,

Robustness and uniqueness on the market

Made in France, our buried concrete rainwater tanks benefit from impeccable quality as well as exceptional strength. Their unique design gives them optimal resistance to external aggressions (bad weather, ground pressure, etc.) throughout their lifespan. In addition, they require little maintenance, which represents a major advantage compared to other solutions available on the market.

Additional water management kits offered

To offer you an optimal experience, we also offer complete water management kits including:

  • A pump to facilitate the delivery of water to the different points of use,
  • A pressure tank to guarantee a constant flow and a pressure adapted to your needs,
  • An intelligent management box allowing real-time monitoring and control of the system.
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Other models available: flexible and plastic tanks

We are aware that each project is unique, which is why we also provide you with flexible or plastic tanks. These alternative solutions may be more suited to certain configurations (lack of space, budgetary constraints, etc.). Do not hesitate to consult our complete catalog to discover all of our products.

Contact our technical team for personalized advice

To help you choose the best solution for your project, our technical team is at your disposal. Whether by telephone or via our online form, do not hesitate to contact our experts who will be able to advise you best according to your specific needs and technical constraints.

Go green now with our buried concrete rainwater tanks! Save on your bills while preserving the environment and opt for a robust, durable solution made in France.