Introduction to the slab terrace pedestal

The slab terrace pedestal is an innovative construction accessory, specially designed to facilitate the installation of terraces on stabilized ground or existing concrete slab. It is a height adjustable device, offering an adjustment range of between 20 and 30 mm. This product not only saves considerable time when laying tiles, but it also ensures better resistance to external conditions such as UV rays and frost. In addition, thanks to its ingenious design, it facilitates the passage of cables and pipes while preventing rising damp.

Technical specifications of the slab terrace pedestal

  • Height adjustment range: The pedestal has an adjustment range of 20 to 30 mm, allowing optimal adaptation to the ground surface.
  • Resistance to external conditions: Designed to resist UV rays and frost, this product guarantees exceptional durability despite climatic variations.
  • Easy installation: Thanks to its adjustable system, installing the tiles becomes child’s play without requiring heavy preliminary work.
  • Passage of cables and pipes: The structure of the stud allows cables and pipes to be easily passed through, thus offering a practical solution for the installation of electrical and sanitary equipment.
  • Prevention of rising damp: The slab terrace pedestal effectively prevents rising damp, helping to preserve the structure of your terrace.
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Main advantages of the slab terrace pedestal

The adjustable pedestal for terraces offers several major advantages:

  • Ease of use : Easy to install and adjust, this product is ideal for construction enthusiasts and professionals alike.
  • Saving time and energy: Thanks to the height-adjustable system, you will no longer need to carry out tedious work to prepare the ground before laying the tiles. This will save you valuable time when installing your terrace.
  • Weather resistance: Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions (UV, frost), the pedestal guarantees a long lifespan for your installation without requiring any special maintenance.
  • Practical features: By facilitating the passage of cables and pipes while preventing rising damp, this device offers a complete and versatile solution adapted to all your exterior design requirements.

Practical advice for installing the slab terrace pedestal

Here are some tips for successful installation of your adjustable pedestal:

  • Check that the ground on which you wish to install your terrace is stabilized and suitable for pedestrian use.
  • Make sure you have a flat, clean surface before installing the pedestals.
  • Place the pedestals at an appropriate distance from each other depending on the size of the tiles you want to lay. Generally, it is recommended to respect a spacing of approximately 40 cm between each pedestal.
  • Adjust the height of the pedestals according to the desired level for your terrace, then attach them securely to the ground.
  • Place your slabs on the pedestals, ensuring that they are well aligned and stable. You can slightly adjust the height of the studs if necessary to obtain a perfectly flat surface.
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Packaging and unit price of the slab terrace pedestal

The packaging of the product generally varies depending on the supplier, but it is common to find batches comprising several dozen pads. The unit price also depends on the manufacturer as well as the distributor chosen, but be aware that there is a wide range of options available on the market to meet the specific needs of each project. Do not hesitate to compare offers in order to benefit from optimal value for money when purchasing your adjustable pedestals for terraces.


The slab terrace pedestal is an innovative and practical solution to facilitate the installation of your exterior slabs. Its many features, such as its height adjustment range, its resistance to climatic conditions and its usefulness for the passage of cables and pipes, make it an essential product for creating a successful terrace. Don’t forget to follow our practical advice during installation in order to obtain an optimal result that will meet all your expectations.