The tiled terrace kit: a turnkey solution for a successful layout

Are you dreaming of a beautiful terrace to enjoy the sunny days and beautify your exterior? Look no further, our tiled terrace kit is the ideal solution for you! Complete and available in several sizes (from 10 m² to 50 m²), this pack contains everything needed to build a modern, robust and easy-to-install terrace. Discover without further delay the advantages of this innovative product.

Beige gray porcelain stoneware slabs: aesthetics guaranteed

At the heart of this kit are beige gray porcelain stoneware slabs with generous dimensions (60×60 cm). This material offers a modern aesthetic that harmonizes perfectly with all styles of exterior design. The gray-beige color brings a touch of elegance and will allow your new terrace to blend naturally into its environment.

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In addition to their attractive visual appearance, porcelain stoneware slabs also have undeniable technical qualities. Resistant to weather, frost and scratches, they offer exceptional durability. In addition, their non-slip surface guarantees safety and comfort when moving around on the terrace.

Slab-on-pedestal system: quick and efficient installation

The tiled terrace kit includes an innovative slab-on-pedestal system, making installation much easier. The adjustable pedestals allow the height of the slabs to be adjusted as needed, thus providing a perfectly flat and stable surface.

The shock-absorbing wedges included in the pack ensure better distribution of the weight of the tiles and limit vibrations during installation. Finally, the slab plates help to hold the whole thing in place for a robust and long-lasting final result.

Advantages of the slab-on-pedestal system:

  • Ease of installation: No need to be a DIY expert to install your terrace with this ingenious system! All you have to do is position the studs on the ground, then install the tiles there.
  • Speed: Laying slabs on pedestals is much faster than traditional sealed or glued tiling. This saves you valuable time when designing your exterior.
  • Flexibility: Thanks to the adjustable pedestals, you can easily adapt the height of your terrace depending on the terrain (slope, height difference, etc.).
  • No heavy work: Unlike certain techniques requiring the pouring of a screed or the creation of a draining hedgehog, the slab on pedestal system does not require structural work.
  • Accessibility: The terrace made on pedestals can be dismantled and reassembled easily, thus offering the possibility of repairing or replacing the underlying elements (electrical conduit, pipes, etc.) without destroying everything.
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Save with our packaged offer

Buying a tiled terrace kit represents a real saving compared to purchasing the different elements separately. By opting for this all-inclusive pack, you benefit from an attractive reduction which reduces the total cost of your exterior design project.

Everything is included in the kit:

  • Beige gray porcelain stoneware slabs 60×60 cm
  • Adjustable supports
  • Shock absorber blocks
  • Slab plates

Why choose our tiled terrace kit?

In short, here are the main advantages that make our tiling terrace kit an essential solution for decorating your exterior:

  • The modern aesthetic of tiles: Beige gray porcelain stoneware tiles bring a contemporary and refined touch to your outdoor space.
  • Ease of installation: Thanks to the slab-on-pedestal system and the accessories provided, installation is quick and accessible to everyone.
  • The robustness of the final result: Quality materials and well-thought-out design guarantee a strong and durable terrace.
  • The savings made: Purchasing as a pack allows you to benefit from a reduction on the total cost of the included items.
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Don’t wait any longer to make your terrace project a reality with our all-inclusive tiling kit! Treat yourself to a modern, aesthetic and functional outdoor space that will delight the whole family. Contact us now for more information or to place an order.