Whether you are looking for a space-saving staircase to optimize the space in your interior or you simply want to give your home a facelift, Lapeyre offers a wide range of staircases to suit all needs and tastes. In this article, we will explore the diversity of staircase solutions offered by Lapeyre, as well as their many advantages.

The different types of stairs available at Lapeyre

Lapeyre offers a wide variety of staircase models to satisfy all your desires:

  • Right staircase: classic and timeless, the straight staircase is ideal for connecting two levels without any particular constraints. It can be made of wood, metal or glass depending on your preferences.
  • Quarter-turn staircase: with a right angle turn, this type of staircase saves space while maintaining a certain elegance. Also available in different materials (wood, metal, etc.).
  • Spiral or helical staircase: perfect for small spaces thanks to its compact spiral shape and small footprint. This type of staircase also brings a designer touch to your interior.
  • Retractable ladder: a practical and discreet solution for accessing attics or attics without taking up space on a daily basis. It folds easily against the wall or in a cupboard when not in use.
  • Interior/exterior railings: secure your stairs with suitable balustrades, whether they are wood, metal or glass. They also bring an aesthetic touch to your home.
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The benefits of space-saving stairs for small spaces

In homes where space is limited, choosing a space-saving staircase is essential to optimize layout and circulation. Lapeyre offers several compact and clever staircase solutions that adapt perfectly to space constraints:

  • Miller scales: These inclined fixed ladders allow you to connect two levels without taking up a lot of floor space. They are particularly suitable for small spaces such as mezzanines, attics or attic rooms.
  • Helical or spiral staircase: their compact spiral shape limits floor space while offering an elegant and stylish alternative to the traditional ladder.
  • Quarter-turn staircase: thanks to its right-angled turn, it requires less space than the straight staircase while maintaining a classic and elegant appearance.

French manufacturing quality and Lapeyre services

Lapeyre is proud to offer stairs made in France, a guarantee of quality and know-how. By choosing Lapeyre for your staircase project, you also benefit from:

  • Installation by a Lapeyre certified professional: If you do not wish to install your staircase yourself, Lapeyre provides you with certified professionals for rapid and careful installation.
  • Home delivery or in-store pickup options: depending on your preferences, you can choose home delivery or collect your order free of charge from the nearest Lapeyre store.
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In conclusion…

With its wide range of staircases in varied styles – from classic to designer – as well as its space-saving solutions adapted to small spaces, Lapeyre perfectly meets your interior design needs. Thanks to the quality of French manufacturing and the services offered, you can carry out your staircase project with complete peace of mind. So don’t hesitate any longer and go to the Lapeyre website or to one of the many stores to discover the stairs that will breathe new life into your home!