Presentation of the T.One® AquaAIR system

The T.One® AquaAIR system is an innovative and efficient Air/Air heat pump, designed to provide optimal heating and thermal comfort in homes. This device captures the energy present in the outside air and diffuses it efficiently into the rooms via an air network integrated into a false ceiling. Thanks to its advanced technology, the T.One® AquaAIR improves occupant comfort while achieving significant energy savings.

How T.One® AquaAIR works

The T.One® AquaAIR heat pump operates according to the principle of aerothermal energy, which consists of recovering calories contained in the outside air to heat or cool the interior of a building. The device mainly consists of an indoor unit, which is connected to the aeraulic network hidden behind a false ceiling.

When the outside temperature drops, the system draws available calories from the air and transfers them to the indoor unit using a refrigerant. Once heated by this compression-expansion process, these calories are distributed evenly throughout all the rooms of the house via air vents. This diffusion method allows a rapid and even rise in temperature, ensuring optimal comfort for the occupants.

Installation of T.One® AquaAIR

The installation of the T.One® AquaAIR system must be carried out by a qualified professional, who will take care of the installation of the indoor unit as well as the necessary connections. The device is generally positioned in a technical space such as a cupboard or laundry room, close to the rooms to be heated.

The ventilation network is then integrated into the false ceiling in a discreet and aesthetic manner, without visible radiators. The air vents are distributed according to the thermal needs of each room to guarantee uniform heat distribution. Finally, the evacuation of condensates resulting from the heating process is ensured by a suitable system.

Necessary connections

  • Electrical supply: the T.One® AquaAIR must be connected to the electrical network in order to power its compressor and its various electronic components.
  • Refrigerant circuit: it is used to transport the refrigerant between the outdoor unit and the interior of the house.
  • Hydraulic networks: they allow the recovered calories to be exchanged with the water circulating in the central or sanitary heating circuits (if hot water production).

Main features of T.One® AquaAIR

The T.One® AquaAIR system is available in several models to adapt to the specific needs of each home. It also offers advanced features such as centralized control and connectivity with the AldesConnect® Box, allowing remote control via a mobile application.

Models available

The T.One® AquaAIR range offers different models adapted to different housing configurations:

  • T.One® AquaAIR Mono: designed for individual homes, this model is equipped with a single indoor unit and can heat up to 4 rooms.
  • T.One® AquaAIR Duo: ideal for collective housing or large areas, it has two indoor units and can heat up to 8 rooms.

AldesConnect™: remote control via mobile application

AldesConnect™ is a mobile application that allows you to control the T.One® AquaAIR system remotely. Thanks to this intuitive interface, users can adjust the desired temperature in each room, program heating time slots or even monitor their energy consumption in real time. This solution thus offers more control over thermal well-being while promoting additional energy savings.

Advantages of the T.One® AquaAIR system

  • Increased comfort: thanks to its homogeneous and rapid diffusion method, T.One® AquaAIR significantly improves the thermal comfort of occupants.
  • Energy savings : by recovering the calories present in the outside air, this system significantly reduces energy consumption linked to heating.
  • Discretion: integrated into a false ceiling, the air network is invisible and silent, offering an aesthetic and discreet solution for heating rooms.

Daily hot water production capacity

Depending on the models and the specific needs of each home, the T.One® AquaAIR can also provide domestic hot water production. Its daily capacity varies depending on climatic conditions and the level of insulation of the building. However, it is important to emphasize that this heat pump offers remarkable overall efficiency for both heating and hot water production.

Thus, thanks to its exceptional energy performance and its advanced features such as the AldesConnect™ Box or its discreet installation behind a false ceiling, the T.One® AquaAIR system stands out as an ideal solution to guarantee optimal thermal comfort. while making substantial savings on your energy bill.