The luxury and durability of granite worktop

At the heart of your kitchen, the choice of a worktop is essential to combine aesthetics and functionality. At Lapeyre, we offer you granite worktops that will enhance your culinary space while offering you resistance to any test. Granite, a noble material par excellence, brings a luxurious and timeless touch to your high-end kitchen.

Granite worktops are renowned for their exceptional longevity. They resist scratches, thermal shock and stains thanks to their non-porous surface. In addition, they are easy to maintain: a simple wipe with a sponge is enough to preserve their original beauty.

The different types of worktops available at Lapeyre

We have selected several types of worktops for you so that everyone can find the one that perfectly suits their needs:

  • Polished granite: With its shiny and smooth appearance, it reflects the light to give a chic and refined effect to your kitchen.
  • Honed granite: Softer to the touch than polish, it nevertheless has a very elegant slightly satin finish.
  • Flamed granite: Its rough surface offers an authentic and natural finish, ideal for kitchens with a rustic or contemporary style.
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The services offered by Lapeyre for your granite worktop

Lapeyre supports you throughout your project with tailor-made services to guarantee a peaceful and successful purchasing experience:

French made

Our granite worktops are made in France in our own workshops. This proximity allows us to control the quality of the product at each stage, from the choice of materials to the finish. You can therefore be sure of acquiring a work plan designed with care and know-how.

Installation by a certified professional

To ensure impeccable installation, Lapeyre offers you the services of a certified professional who will install your granite worktop. Thus, you benefit not only from technical expertise but also from personalized support throughout the process.

Home delivery and free in-store collection

To make your procedures easier, Lapeyre provides two options for collecting your order: home delivery or free in-store collection. Choose the one that best suits your constraints and quickly enjoy your new work surface!

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Opt for the granite worktop at Lapeyre

By choosing a granite worktop from Lapeyre, you are choosing a premium product combining elegance and durability. Thanks to our wide range and personalized services, your high-end kitchen will come to life before your eyes. Don’t wait any longer to give a new dimension to your culinary space!